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Developers Integration Checklist

Get started in a few simple steps today! We simplify the complex challenge with integration and we make sure that your operation runs smoothly.

Register as a developer

First of all you need to register as a developer. This is so that we know who you are and how to get in touch with you.

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Create your app

Great, you’ve come to step 2, now you are a part of Fortnox developer community, most welcome!
Now let’s get started! Log in to your Fortnox account and choose “Meny” – “Utvecklarportal” to get to the developer portal.

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Create your test database

Now it’s time to do your first action as a developer, create your first own test database. Try out your code in a safe environment before connecting your live customers by creating test databases.

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Connect your integration

Take your integration out for a spin by connecting it to your shiny new test environment. This is the place to iron out any kinks.

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Authorize your application

The authorization of access to a customer’s account is made using the OAuth2 Authorization Code Flow. In essence, this means that a user grants your application access to their account. The user must approve the access and scope of access to their account during the activation process.

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Making your request

Time to dig into the data. Our APIs offer an array of possibilities ready for your requests.

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Publishing your integration

You can choose to publish your app in our App Market in two different ways. 

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