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Developers Integration Dictionary

During the process of creating your integration you will bump into these words and functions.

Real-time updates

Minimal events – says what happened, but does not include all data.
When you get an event, you may need to call the API to retrieve the updated entity and see what has changed.
Can go back in time two weeks if you had a malfunction in your system and missed updates. This is done by submitting an offset for the topic you are listening to.

Eliminate the need for polling

Our hope is that in the long run you will be able to avoid polling our API completely and instead only call us in connection with you receiving events about updates.
Have not added everything in this mode, get in touch if you miss events.

A single connection for all customers

You connect to the web socket and then add all your integration keys in one and the same connection. It is important for our scalability that you do not have one connection per customer.

Uses Apache Kafka under the hood.

A topic for each domain, e.g. Invoices and customers
At-least-once-delivery; may come duplicates
All events have a unique ID called “offset” within their topic. Order is guaranteed.