Scopes is the access an app has to the Fortnox API.

All Access-Tokens have at least one scope that gives access to the endpoints for that token.
All scopes gives both read and write access to an endpoint and it is not possible to only have read access through the API.

An app can request one or more scopes, this information is then presented to the user in the consent screen, and the access token issued to the connection will be limited to the scopes granted.

It is possible to change scopes for an app after it has been created but please note that you need to obtain a new Authorization-Code to access the new scopes.
The connections that do not request a new Authorization-Code will not be affected by this change.

Please note that the company in Fortnox needs to have the license for the resource for you to be able to access it through the API. This table show what scope you will need for each resource.

Resource Scope
Absence transactions Salary
Account Charts Bookkeeping
Accounts Bookkeeping
Archive Archive
Article File Connections File Connection
Article URL Connections File Connection
Articles Article
Attendance transactions Salary
Company Information Company Information
Company Settings Settings
Contract Accruals Invoice
Contract Templates Invoice
Contracts Invoice
Cost Centers Cost Center
Currencies Currency
Customers Customer
Employees Salary
Expenses Salary
Financial Years Bookkeeping
Inbox Inbox
Invoice Accruals Invoice
Invoice Payments Payments
Invoices Invoice
Labels Settings
Mode Of Payments Settings
Offers Offer
Orders Order
PredefinedAccounts Settings
Price Lists Price
Prices Price
Print Templates Print
Projects Project
Salary transactions Salary
Schedule times Salary
SIE Bookkeeping
Supplier Invoice Accruals Supplier Invoice
Supplier Invoice External URL Connections Supplier Invoice
Supplier Invoice File Connections File Connection
Supplier Invoice Payments Payments
Supplier Invoices Supplier Invoice
Suppliers Supplier
Tax Reductions Invoice
Terms Of Deliveries Settings
Terms Of Payments Settings
Units Settings
Voucher External URL Connections Bookkeeping
Voucher File Connections File Connection
Voucher Series Bookkeeping
Vouchers Bookkeeping
Way Of Deliveries Settings
Scope: Required Licence in Fortnox:
Archive Any
Bookkeeping Bokföring, Kundfaktura
File Connection Bokföring, Anläggning, Arkivplats
Cost Center Bokföring, Order, Kundfaktura
Company Information Any
Currency Bokföring, Order, Kundfaktura
Customer Kundfaktura, Order
Inbox Any
Invoice Order, Kundfaktura
Fortnox Finance Invoice Kundfaktura
Article Order, Kundfaktura
Offer Order
Order Order
Payment Bokföring, Order, Kundfaktura
Price Order, Kundfaktura
Print Order, Kundfaktura
Project Bokföring, Order, Kundfaktura
Settings Any
Supplier Bokföring
Supplier Invoice Bokföring
Company Logo Any
Salary Lön, LönPlus
Delete Voucher Bokföring
Warehouse Custom document Lager, LagerPlus
Assets Anläggningsregister