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Publishing your integration

Developers Integration Dictionary

During the process of creating your integration you will bump into these words and functions.

Publishing the integration

When your integration is ready to be published there are two ways to go.
To see a video describing this please click here.

1. Publish your integration in the App Market

You can publish your integration in the App Market from your developer portal.
Start by entering your developer portal and then click in to the app you want to publish. At the bottom of the page you have the option to select “Önskar publicering: Appmarknad & Hemsida” to initiate the publish sequence.
Please read more about this in About App Market.


2. Publish your integration on the Fortnox connections homepage.

If you don’t want to be visible in the App Market but still want to be visible in the integrations page you can from the developer portal choose to publish your app on our connections home page.
This is done by selecting the option “Önskar publicering: Enbart hemsida”.
You can update the text and pictures on the integrations homepage by updating the information about your app in the developer portal.


Don’t want to publish?

If you don not want to publish your app you don´t need to do any of the steps above.
Your customers can find your app by using your Client-id and adding it under the Manage users page in Fortnox.