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FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Developers Integration Dictionary

During the process of creating your integration you will bump into these words and functions.

The four parts of an active connection is listed below:

Client-Id The Id of the integration (unique for the integration and connected to the Client-Secret)
Authorization-Code (API-code) The customers approval for creating a connection.
Client-Secret The integrators key for making requests (unique for the integration and connected to the Client-Id)
Access-Token Passkey created to verify the connection
Questions Answers
My Authorization-Code has become deactivated. How do I get a new one? Log in to your Fortnox account and add your integration. You’ll find all connected integrations at the page “Administrate users” in Fortnox under the section “Integrations”.

Guide on YouTube

Why can’t I find my integration in the list of integrators in Fortnox? Your integration is private and will only be searchable using the Client-Id.connected to your integration. To be listed without Client-Id you need to publish your integration as public. Link to publishing guide
Where do I find my Client-Id and Client-Secret? In your Fortnox account under the developer portal you can find i list of your apps and their Client-Id and Client-Secret. If you can not show your Client-Secret you will need to get access for this from the manage user page in Fortnox.
Why do I have access to more scopes on one of my connections than to the other? The access of the Access-Token depends on the scopes that your integration had when the Authorization-Code was created. If you add or remove scopes from your integration you need to create new authorization-codes to get a new Access-Token with the new access.
I get error message “Kunde inte hitta konto” (Could not find account). What is wrong? If you are providing an account in the request please make sure that the accounts are available in the Account plan (endpoint: Accounts). If you do not send in the accounts in the request body then the customer has not set up their default accounts in the settings menu in Fortnox. They can set this under Settings – Accounting – Preferred accounts. The customer can contact Fortnox support if they need help with this.

This list will continuously be updated and if you miss something on this page, please tell us in the support form.