Authorizing your integration

First things first. You’ll need to register as a developer with Fortnox. To register, you just need to fill out this form.
(If you have registered as a developer before then you can just continue reading)


The four parts of an active connection is listed below:

Client-Id = The Id of the integration (unique for the integration and connected to the Client-Secret).
Authorization-Code (API-Kod) = The customers approval for creating a connection.
Client-Secret = The integrators key for making requests (unique for the integration and connected to the Client-Id).
Access-Token = Passkey created to verify the connection.

The Client-Id and the Client-Secret is unique for your integration and will be the same for every company you connect with this integration.
The Client-Secret paired with an Access-Token is the unique key that gives access to a Fortnox account.


There are two ways to authorize your integration with the customer in Fortnox.

1: Your integration is published in the Appmarket and have the automated authorization method active.
Read more about the Appmarket

2: The customer adds your integration in Fortnox from the Manage users page and then giving you the Authorization-Code.
This is described in detail in step 5 of Getting Started.