Get your sandbox account

When you register as a developer you’ll get a sandbox account and a sample integration. Both the sandbox account and the sample integration will have all access to Fortnox. The sample integration will have all the scopes selected and the sandbox account will have all Fortnox programs installed.

Creating a new integration

If you want to have more than one integration under the same Integration company you can request a new integration. When you’re ready to create your integration you’ll need to fill out the form “New Integration“. Here you select a name for the integration and the scopes that it should have access to.You will need to provide the Client-Id that is connected to another integration in your integration company.

You will then get the information about the integration, such as Client-Secret and Client-ID.

Publishing the integration

At the time when integration is ready to be used by a customer you’ll need to fill out the form “Publish Integration“. Here you specify if the integration should be public or private.

A private integration is suitable for customer unique integrations that should not be searchable in Fortnox. To find a private integration in Fortnox you’ll need to use the Client-ID.

A public integration is suitable for integrations that is going to be used by a lot of customers. You are able to find a public integration by searching for both the name and by using the Client-ID.

Please read the section Connect your integration to understand the proccess the customer will use to retrieve the Authorization-Code(named “API-kod” in Fortnox Web Application).