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Zenta renews .NET SDK

We like our partners very much, why?
Because you solve things for us.


Zenta has been working as an integration partner with Fortnox since 2017. During this time, they have helped several different types of companies and industries to connect their systems with Fortnox. It has given them broad knowledge and a good collaboration with Fortnox. This week they released their Fortnox .NET SDK as Open Source.

This SDK is developed in connection with actual projects that require high availability and performance in business-critical integrations. Releasing the package is a way to give everyone the opportunity to connect their products / services to Fortnox in the best possible way.
The world needs to create these types of integrations and automations.

With this release, they are also the first to deliver support for Webhook’s API, which provides the fastest and best communication between Fortnox and other systems.

“We noticed early on that the SDK that Fortnox itself provides was neglected and in order for us to be able to deliver the quality we wanted to our customers, a new and better solution was needed.
Now we are releasing the work we have done so that others can increase the quality in their integrations with Fortnox. At the same time, the use of Webhooks creates the opportunity to build the next generation of efficient and scalable integrations.

As a Center of Excellence in Fortnox Integrations, we will continue to evolve with our Fortnox friends to improve the accounting industry.”
-Bennie Forss, Zenta AB

Visit Zenta integration page