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Updates in Tax Reduction

News endpoints invoice/orders/offers & contracts

  • A new property called TaxReductionType will be added to the Invoice endpoint.
    It is a String that must be “rot”, “rut”, “green” or “none”  that decides which housework type the invoice will contain.
    TaxReductionType is Required if the invoice row has HouseWork: True
  • The field TypeOfReduction in endpoint TaxReductions(which decides today whether the invoice is ROT or RUT) will be deprecated and later removed Q2 2021.
  • An invoice with housework must be in the currency SEK.

News endpoint contracts

“RoundOff “ & “BasisForTaxReduction” have been added to the contracts endpoint. This is a read-only in the response just like in the other endpoints (orders, offers och invoices).

Backward compatible

    • Green tax reduction will work in the external API (You will need to use a new property taxReductionType for the invoice endpoint). 
    • The invoice type will not be decided by IsRot. It will be decided by “taxReductionType”. You can still use IsRot for rot and rut invoices that does not contains the new services.
    • “TaxReductionType” must be none, rot, rut, green or null (old invoices).
    • Implemented the new calculation for new RUT-services in the external API.
    • New validations on which types of housework that will be able to combine in the external API.
    • The response acts the same way for the endpoints contract, invoice, offer and order 
    • You can not mix types of housework between rot, rut or green.
    • You can not have a row with HouseWorkType if you haven’t chosen a taxReductionType.
    • The TypeOfReduction flag for taxreductions endpoint can be used but only for rot or rut. TypeOfReduction will be copied to TaxReductionType. TypeOfRedcution will not be working for green, then you will need to use the new property.

The following housework types will be available from invoice date (period start for contracts) 2021-01-01


It should not be possible to mix them, and they should not be able to have a RUT housework type if you set the tax reduction type to ROT.