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Updated Behaviour When Selling an Asset

Selling an asset used to create vouchers with incorrect values and accounts.

Affected Endpoint


We have added a new setting for asset types, Offset Sale Account. This setting simply declares what account should be used for the offset value on the vouchers when selling assets of that type.

We’ve also added this account setting as a new property on Asset Type Resource,  just like the other accounts in settings.

Vouchers for sold assets have had their posts changed.

  • The amount is changed to the actual amount the asset was sold for, previously it was the difference.
  • A new post with the difference, is added using the new Offset Sale Account.


The process of selling an asset was working incorrectly. The difference(net gain or loss) was declared as the sale amount instead of the actual amount it was sold for. Also these posts were connected to incorrect accounts. All Vouchers with sold assets needed to be manually corrected with a set of offset vouchers to nullify these problems. This caused a lot of faulty vouchers in the bookkeeping, which most users don’t even know is a problem and won’t notice.

Creating a setting to declare what account to use to offset asset sales, allows us to fix the issue and the customer to automatically get correct vouchers. It will also stop any more faulty vouchers to be created since the setting is now required to sell assets.


If this Account is not declared on the asset type in Asset type settings, Assets of that type can no longer be sold. The API will respond with an error letting you know that the Offset Sale Account needs to be declared in settings for that asset type. Once the Offset Sale Account is set, the selling asset endpoint works just the same as it used to do.


We are aiming to release these changes in Q1 of 2022.