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Upcoming API changes in April

In our next release, planned in 3-4 weeks from now, some changes to the API will be included. The official documentation will be updated when the release is made but please take actions to ensure compatibility for these amendments as soon as possible to avoid any problems.


Price and Total excluding VAT

On invoice rows, two new properties are added that always return the values excluding VAT, regardless of the value of the VATIncluded flag. This is added as some integrating systems always require these values excluding VAT.

  • PriceExcludingVAT (Float, Read-only)
  • TotalExcludingVAT (Float, Read-only)


"InvoiceRows": [
    "PriceExcludingVAT": 50,
    "Project": null,
    "Total": 1590,
    "TotalExcludingVAT": 500


New propety added to the resource invoices, both in the list of invoices and for a single invoice, to mark invoices that are managed by our external ledger service NoxFinans.

  • NoxFinans (Boolean, Read-only)



"NotCompleted": false,
"NoxFinans": true,
"OCR": "20354",




The sales price will be added as a new property, both in the list of articles and for a single article. This will allow you to get the price of the article for the default price list without additional requests to the price resource.

  • SalesPrice (Float, Read-only) 



"SalesAccount": 3011,
"SalesPrice": 500,
"StockGoods": false,




Transaction information

The existing property TransactionInformation will now be writable even if the following settings have been made in the system:

  • Transaction information is disabled in general in the settings
  • Transaction information is forbidden on a specific account