Have you heard of Gulp? Or maybe Grunt? Either way both of those guys are task runners. Since Gulp is a bit quicker he’s my […]


Valtech.js at Myntet

No free lunch … No wait, free lunch! When someone wants to give you a talk about javascript testing, free food and drinks I’m generally […]

Nordic.js – Videos

Videos are out! Via play and Confetti have uploaded all the talks and interviews from Nordic.js. The full list can be found at nordic.js’ youtube channel: But […]

Nordic.js – day 2

Another misty morning in Stockholm as day 2 of Nordic.js started, like day 1, on the docks of Gamla stan… By the time we arrived […]

Nordic.js – day 1

A new day begins Morning is just breaking over Stockholm when we pack up our survival kits and leave our hotels and head for the […]


We strive to deliver error messages that provide the necessary information for you to solve the problem that occured. Despite this, is it not always […]