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New Validation for VAT-number

Changes to endpoints What We have added a check in the field for VAT-number to control that the entered value is a valid VAT-number. […]

Delay with Oauth2

Sorry, there is a delay with the Oauth2 authentication     Fortnox is on the verge to launch our new Oauth2 authentication to enhance user [...]

New Warehouse API resources published

Warehouse Stock Taking New endpoints What The API for handling Stock Takings in Fortnox Warehouse is now published. Why This gives you an oppurtunity […]

Introducing Easy VAT

The arrival of Easy VAT introduces some changes to well-established endpoints. Changes to endpoints: What A few new restrictions and validations […]

Fortnox <3 Developers

We have an offer for you: A function in our app market that will open up possibilities for you to sell your software through it. […]