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Nordic.js – day 2


Another misty morning in Stockholm as day 2 of Nordic.js started, like day 1, on the docks of Gamla stan…


By the time we arrived at Artepelag the weather had improved a lot and the rest of the day was pure late summer. Sunny and t-shirt warm. The boardwalk up from the sea to the convention center is really some thing else …


First geek business for the day sorted; Douglas Crockfords autograph, BOM! He happened to be sitting about two chairs to the left of us as we got seated for the first talk. So on Alex’s initiative we got up and walked over to get ours before the rest of the visitors swarmed him, you never know …

So the plan was this: I had two copies of his book, one for me and one for Jesper (who should have been at the conference but opted not to cancel his family vacation to go, wuss:)). Alex didn’t have his copy, but on the boat he came up with the idea of letting Douglas sign his laptop! It was such a great idea that I decided to do it as well…

So when we went to talk to him we had four books, my paperbacks and a MacBook each. But after he signed my books and Alex asked him to sign the MacBook we hit a snag: Douglas refused 🙂 In his words he “refuse to deface your laptop” … So Alex did not get his autograph :/ All in all it was nice to see Douglas in person and shake his hand. After all he has done a lot when it comes to bringing Javascript from being a silly script language to something that millions write production code in every day. Thank you Douglas.


Well, Douglas was the second speaker of the day, first out was Ellen Sundh. She talked about hardware hacking, Node.js and interacting with the physical world via javascript. She talked a bit on how se came in contact with it and showed a project she did recently, a 3 by 3 meter claw machine. You know one of thous you play for some trinkets with at the fair … Well we are talking real, industrial size, crane booms here and it was controlled over the internet with real time (or close to it) video …


Douglas talk on the good parts of ES6 was very interesting. He filled the gap from the workflow he had when he wrote his book until now and explained why he stopped using the this keyword and He also managed a very nice oneliner when talking about the Java crowd that are clamouring for the class addition in ES6 and why that is a mistake for the language: “Those people will go to their graves not knowing how miserable they are…“. And don’t we all agree? 🙂


I don’t think many people missed this guy (since he’s standing right next to the door in to the auditorium where all the talks where held). I wonder if his running Windows on that sweat hardware? What a waste of potential that would be 🙂

(For the not so eagle eyed, it’s the Microsoft booth. You can see the new, fresh MS logo right in front of his face…)


Tiffany Conroy held a talk about user capabilities. I first thought it was going to be a talk about how to cater for customers with disabilities in web applications, but it was on a more general topic. She talked about how to do user access control to features and looked at ACL’s and role based access control. The short of it is that role based is better (for the most part) and she also showed some code considerations when working with role based access vs ALC’s.


We opted for lunch outside. As you can see it was bright and sunny, fantastic weather for lunch on the cliffs towards the sea outside Artepelag. And the food was excellent as well …


Reginald Braithwaite was up after lunch. A good choice since he is high energy and can keep an audience awake despite food coma. His talk about how to design with the adaptor pattern up front instead of just using it as a refactoring tool was very interesting. As he himself pointed out at the end of the talk, maybe we should look at other patters like this, how they would work in a different context than the one they are usually seen in…


Geek out two, at least for me, this day was Hakim El Hattab – he’s a Swedish designer/programmer I have been following for years, you can find his work at There is no picture of his talk since I actually videoed the entire thing. I’m speaking with Hakim and the organizers about it and if I get a green light I will publish the video and link it here. Hit me up on Twitter with your email if you want it before that.

His talk was about his creative processes and evolution over the past many years and how he uses the new web standards to experiment with the different concepts and ideas he has. It’s a really nice talk and he shows of quite a few of his past projects as well.

Nordic.js 022

Oh and I just had to get a fan photo with him when I had the chance. We stood talking for a while, right before the last official talk, about creativity and perfectionism. It’s always nice to find that the people you look up to in one area or another are even nicer than you thought 🙂


Ok, so the third geek out of the day was also the last speaker, Tom Dale. Tom is one of the authors of Ember.js, perhaps my favorit JS framework, and co-founded Tilde with, among others, Yehuda Katz of Ruby on Rails fame. So in my book at least he hangs in the right crowd and preaches the right stuff 🙂

His talk was also excellent, and funny. He laid out the road towards web components and showed some examples, in Ember of course. We are working along a similar route internally with React.js so this was some nice inspiration and a look at things from a slightly different angle.


And finally Nordic.js was at an end. To the left you can see the three main organizers of Nordic.js; Johannes, Martina and Jonny, and all of the other people in green on black are the volunteers that helped make the conference happen. A big thank you to all of them from Alexander and me. We hope to see you all again next year…

Nordic.js officials have said that all the talks will be published as video on demand and we will of cause tell you when they get online. So keep an eye out for that in a followup post.