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New standard template for invoices.

We are soon going to release our new standard template for invoices and because of this we will remove the obsolete templates.

The new standard template will replace the existing standard template:

"Template": "st",
"Name": "Standardmall"

If you want to create a cash invoice, you should choose the type of cash invoice oh then the cash invoice template.
If you want to send a reminder, you should still use the reminder template.

Under the setting Print under default invoice template and under customer register on default invoice template we have removed the following templates:

"Template": "stocr",
"Name": "Standardmall OCR"

"Template": "iban",
"Name": "Export IBAN"

"Template": "cash",
"Name": "Kontantfaktura"

"Template": "bg",
"Name": "Bankgiro"

"Template": "constr",
"Name": "Omvänd betalningsskyldighet"

"Template": "rem",
"Name": "Påminnelse"

These templates will not be available to add to customers but please note that we will not remove any templates as long as they are already set as default for a customer.