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New developer portal

Good news everyone!

You might have heard that we are doing some new fun things for you as a developer using Fortnox API.

We are. But, first of all; We are making NO CHANGES to how you are using access tokens etc. Any already active integrations will keep running, and you’ll also be able to activate new integrations in the same manner as before.


So; What are we doing?

We have  launched our developer portal. How to gain access to it will differ depending on if:

  • If you are already a registered developer with Fortnox but you do not yet have the new developer portal we will give you an opportunity to migrate.
    We will send you an email with the instructions needed to get started once we’re ready.
  • You have no prior relation to Fortnox; Just register at

Once your company is registered you can log in at, create additional user accounts, and distribute the “developer licenses”.

Users with developer license can access the developer portal, where they’ll be able to:

  • Create new integrations
  • Add/delete Sandbox environments (maximum 30)
  • Publish your integration on Fortnox appmarket (upcoming)
  • Manage descriptions and images describing your application in appmarket (upcoming)

Kind regards
Fortnox API team