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Introducing Easy VAT

The arrival of Easy VAT introduces some changes to well-established endpoints.

Changes to endpoints:

A few new restrictions and validations have been added to the aforementioned endpoints when Easy VAT has been enabled. These are intended to assist you in always having a correct account and VAT code regardless of what VAT rate you may be using. With Easy VAT enabled, each VAT rate has an associated VAT code and this association will be partly or fully enforced throughout the program. You can find more information on this in the official documentation. Furthermore, since custom VAT rates do not have any strictly associated VAT code, new restrictions apply to those as well.

As it is today, there are no restrictions imposed on what accounts that can be used when updating predefined accounts or creating documents. This changes when activating Easy VAT as this feature is intended to assist, or in some cases guarantee, that the correct account and VAT code are selected for any given VAT rate in order to avoid any complications in the resulting VAT report. As such, a few new restrictions to the aforementioned endpoints have been introduced. Do note that none of these changes will have an effect unless Easy VAT has been enabled.

When Easy VAT has been enabled, the predefined account endpoint will require a valid value for the account-field. As a result, it is no longer possible to provide empty, null, or API_BLANK values. Furthermore, if updating an Easy VAT predefined account, such as SALES_25_SE, the provided account must have a compatible VAT code.
In addition, when Easy VAT has been enabled, the invoices, offers, and orders endpoints will no longer allow a provided row to include only a custom VAT rate but no account when creating a document. As such, if using a custom VAT rate, please ensure that you also supply an appropriate account in the request.

We will start the release on this today and will continue to upgrade our databases with this feature for the upcoming months until every system has this new feature.