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Information about various changes in the API

In the beginning of October last year, we published information about changes regarding rate limits. We will postpone this change, to the 31st of May.

At the same time we will make some other changes in the API:

  • We will change the HTTP status code when the rate limit is hit, from 503 “Service Unavailable” to 429 “Too Many Requests”.
  • We will also remove the support for TLS v1.0. We will only support TLS v1.1 and v1.2 from now on.

From the beginning of February to the middle of February we will deploy the following changes on some of our endpoints. All the changes will be published on the list views:

  • /accounts – Publish property “BalancedBroughtForward”
  • /invoice – Publish properties “CostCenter” and “InvoiceType”
  • /supplierinvoice – Publish properties “Credit”, “CurrencyRate”, “CurrencyUnit”, “CostCenter” and “Project”
  • /supplierinvoicepayments – Publish the property “PaymentDate”
  • /vouchers – Publish property “TransactionDate”

We are also working on a solution related to websockets. This will make it easier for you, if you need to poll us for possible changes. We will publish more information about this later on.