Join us at Fortnox App Market today!

Fortnox <3 Developers

We have an offer for you: A function in our app market that will open up possibilities for you to sell your software through it.

We know it’s a constant struggle to make your software as good as possible and to deliver the best value for money to your customers. We are trying too!

We also know that sometimes it feels like you’re not getting any new customers, but we want to change that by offering our help to sell your software to our customers and directly connecting it to Fortnox API. In this case the customer will be able to see the value of our software directly.

We will add new functionality in our offer to you so that the customer can press on the “Buy”-button in the App Market. A subscription will be added for the customers so we can make sure that you will get paid. Once the customer has paid for the app, you will receive your cut (75% of the full amount paid by the customer).

Sounds fair, right?

(And if you only want our app market to be a place for your customers to activate your integration that still works of course) 

To make this offer even better we want to help you find new customers through the data that we are collecting, therefore we have created a new section called “recommended apps”. This section will make it easier for our customers to find apps that suit them. In order to be able to recommend customers apps that suit them, we need to collect some data.
– You need to have 10 active customers that uses your app
– You also need to have a minimum 3-star average rating for your app.

With that said, make sure that you get 10 active customers and good ratings and we will do our part to make it easier for you to get more new customers!

Now it is time for you to do your part of the deal. We are releasing a new authorization flow for app activation that follows the OAuth2 standard (Authorization Code Flow). Using a tried-and-tested standard is beneficial to both you and your customers. It provides the customer with a familiar way of authorizing access to their account for your app. And for you as a developer, there are a number of client libraries available to make implementation easier. Examples can be found here.

For an in-depth guide to how the new authorization flow works, hop over to

Some important dates to keep track of:

2021-09-01: Manual activation will no longer be possible for apps in the App Market. All App Market apps must use a landing page for activation.

2021-12-09: End of life for the existing authorization flow with long-lived access tokens. All integrations must use the OAuth2 Authorization Code Flow with expiring access tokens.