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Delay with Oauth2

Sorry, there is a delay with the Oauth2 authentication



Fortnox is on the verge to launch our new Oauth2 authentication to enhance user experience and increase security. This means, as previously communicated, that you need to rebuild your app to this method if you want new customers to be able to add your app and integration after that. Oauth2 is an opportunity for you to make it smoother for your customers to activate your app through our App Market.

Your existing customers do not need to do anything at the moment, their access token will be valid until it expires, but then you have to handle two different types of authentication.

Unfortunately we have recognized an issue about the activation which means that some users can not activate your application with our new oauth authentication yet. If you already deployed it, just get in touch with us and we will try to help you.

We are currently working to fix this as soon as possible.

We have postponed our deadline to shut down the old activation until 9/1-2022 (instead of 9/12 2021)

Read more about the authentication here!

Once Oauth2 is up and running your app is suited for our app market, and we can create even greater things together.

Please feel free to prepare your integration for Oath2 to be good to go as soon as possible, when you are done with your preparations you only have to wait with the deploying.

Oh, and if you have any problems, do not hesitate to contact our API-team.


Happy coding!