Edit 2015-11-10: Added time for change below.

On Wednesday 2015-11-18 at 12:30-13:00 CET, the data type for the property Project and ProjectNumber will be changed from integer to string in all resources where they exist. This can affect type sensitive integrations written in for example JAVA so please review and update your code to handle this.

The reason for the change is that in a later upcoming release we will start allowing alphanumeric project numbers, instead of only numeric ones. As our upgrade cycles span over days or even weeks, we want to make this data type change in a “clean cut” where all Fortnox instances (databases) will receive the change at the same time. This will have the benefit that integrations don’t need to support both the old and new data type simultaneously.

Please be aware that this change will initially only affect the data type, and until the overall change is released in our application we will still only allow numeric values (integers) to be used in these properties. We will communicate again in advance when we will start to actually allow alpa-numeric content.

Edit 2015-11-09: Changed examples below from XML to JSON format, as XML data is not affected by the data type of the value.

For example if you send or receive “Project”: 1 today, you will need to send and manage receiving “Project”: “1” after this change. If no project is set for a document/row, an empty string will be used instead of today’s 0 (zero), i.e “Project”: “”.

The affected resources and properties are listed below:

Resource Property
Accounts Project
Accounts OpeningQuantities > Project
Contract Accruals AccrualRows > Project
Contracts Project
Contract Templates InvoiceRows > Project
Customers Project
Invoices Project
Invoices InvoiceRows > Project
Invoice Accruals InvoiceAccrualRows > Project
Invoice Payments Writeoffs > Project
Orders Project
Orders OrderRows > Project
Offers Project
Offers OfferRows > Project
Projects ProjectNumber
Suppliers Project
Supplier Invoices Project
Supplier Invoices SupplierInoviceRows > Project
Supplier Invoice Accruals SupplierInvoiceAccrualRows > Project
Supplier Invoice Payments Writeoffs > Project
Vouchers Project
Vouchers VoucherRows > Project


Edit 2015-11-09: Changed examples from XML format to JSON format, as XML data is not affected by the data type of the value.