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Craftsmanship – Interlude

This weeks post will not be a continuation on the two previous. Instead I thought you might be interested in a lecture I held on the subject at Linnéuniversitetet in Kalmar.

Lecture time

The edited video can be found on our YouTube channel¬†(while you are there you can add the development playlist to your subscriptions) specifically it’s this clip Agile, Craftsmanship och Testdriven utveckling.

The lecture is in Swedish and I have not added any subtitles yet, feel free to contact me if you would like them. It runs for around 1 hour 45 minutes and I try to cover the guiding thoughts from XP, Agile and the Software craftsmanship movements in the first part. Particularly I try to set them in a context of us, humans, and our cognitive limitations and how that affects our work in software today.

The second part is all about test driven development and why I feel it is an excellent tool to help us overcome some of the cognitive limitations I cover in part one.

Hit me back

I haven’t done a lot of lecturing before, but I would like to. So if you want me to lecture someplace or have any tips or critique feel free to get back to me via email, twitter, phone, pony express or whatever means of communication floats your boat!

And if you haven’t yet you can read the first two parts of this series on craftsmanship here: Craftsmanship – Part 1, Craftsmanship – Part 2.

Until next week, take it easy and refactor mercilessly!