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Ciphers – Tips and how-to

We have updated our Ciphers and to make the transition a little bit easier here are some things that can help.

Whenever possible, it is recommended to use the most current and strongest cipher suit available.

In most cases keeping current with system updates should be enough.

Consult the relevant documentation for your operating system to perform a full or partial system update.

… but when updates aren’t enough and you may have explicitly defined the ciphers to use on your end.

Compare the current ciphers used by your operating system with ciphers used by (listed here)


list available ciphers

`$ openssl ciphers -s -v`

Update the ciphers you use to connect to accordingly.


(Support for Windows server 2008 r2 ended in January 2020)

Update the ciphers you use to connect to accordingly.

Editing the list of enabled ciphers will bypass the systems default settings.
The list of ciphers able to be used is limited, so make sure you remove old/obsolete ciphers when adding new ciphers.