Updates in Tax Reduction

News endpoints invoice/orders/offers & contracts The field TypeOfReduction in endpoint TaxReductions(which decides today whether the invoice is ROT or RUT) will be deprecated in version […]

Automatic posting of bank files

The new automation of bank files will add a few changes to the invoice payments sections. Changes to endpoints https://developer.fortnox.se/documentation/resources/invoice-payments/ https://developer.fortnox.se/documentation/resources/supplier-invoice-payments/ What Today, payments created […]

Zenta renews .NET SDK

We like our partners very much, why? Because you solve things for us.   Zenta has been working as an integration partner with Fortnox since […]

New developer portal

Good news everyone! You might have heard that we are doing some new fun things for you as a developer using Fortnox API. We are. […]