New client activation process

A new activation process is being added for developers using the Fortnox API, making activation of an integration a lot smoother for users. Allowing this new activation method is a requirement to be allowed to offer the integration on the new integration page, visible to logged in Fortnox-users.

Activation and api usage

In the activation flow it is assumed that the customer has already purchased the integration from the “integrator” (integration solution provider), or that purchase can be made as part of, or after, redirection.

  1. The user (already logged in to instigates activation of an integration (client id) by clicking “Activate” or similar.
  2. A new browser tab is opened and the user is directed to the redirect URI for the client id (provided by the integrator) with an authorization code.
  3. Optional:​ The integration asks the user to identify by login.
  4. The integration exchanges the authorization code for an access token.
  5. The access token is used to read and update information for that user through the Fortnox API.
  6. The integration should retrieve the company information to validate the company who activated to see if it is an existing customer or not.

Activation process with login:

Activation process without login