What is Fortnox App market?

It’s a part of Fortnox.se where logged in users can browse and search for 3rd party applications (integration solutions) that they can connect to their Fortnox-account. When they find an interesting app they can click on it to read more on a separate app-page. On the app-page the user can, along with additional information and pictures, find a link to the 3rd party website, and a “Get/activate”-button.

When using the “Get/activate”-button a new tab is opened, redirecting the user to the 3rd party integration activation page. The redirect will along with the URI contain the Authorization code required to activate the integration. On the activation page the user can either confirm that they are already a customer to the 3rd party, or become one. Once done the 3rd party will automatically activate the integration (by using the Authorization code to fetch an access token). This means the user can chose an app, get it activated, and start working really smooth. No more huzzling with access codes etc!

Can I publish my applications on Fortnox App market?

Sure you can!

Fortnox App-partner is a partner program for anyone who wants to market their applications integrating to Fortnox. Fortnox has over 300 000 customers in Sweden that use our ERP solution. If your application is integrated to Fortnox using our API, you can choose to publish it in our Appmarket, making it visible all our customers.

Here’s what you need to do:

First: Get access to our new developer portal.

  1. Is your company using Fortnox as an ERP-system?
    a) If so; Click on the Help-menu option, search for “developer”, click ”Do you still need help”, chose “Program” and “Integration partner”. You must then let us know any client_ids from one of your existing applications (if any) in order for us to link your apps to your Fortnox account.
  2. Not yet using Fortnox as ERP?
    a) Have you created any applications integration to Fortnox before?
    i) Yes; Wait for migration e-mail and follow instructions.
    ii) No; Register your company here.

Second: Get your app published
Using the developer portal linked to your company Fortnox account:

  1. Make sure your application supports the improved activation process.
  2. Enter all required information about you application.
  3. Log in to any of the sandbox environments that is linked to your company Fortnox account to verify activation process and app information in Fortnox appmaket.
  4. Select your app in the developer portal and save it with the state: “Önska publicering i appmarknad” (“Publication in appmarket requested”)

Becoming a Fortnox App-partner

If you want to become a Fortnox App-partner, first of all you need to sign up.
Register here.

When your integration is ready for release it’s you can decide to offer it to our customers by making the application public.

Then you need to choose to apply for app partner program.

First you need to confirm that you agree to our app partner contract.
Se the contract here. App-partner

Then you need to Publish your integration from the developer portal:

When this is done you have applied to become a Fortnox App-partner and our partner managers will contact you asap regarding your application.

To become a Fortnox app-partner we have some requirements:
A demo of your service to our partner department.
The demo should contain:
– A short demo of you product
– A short demo of what the App / integration is doing
(the descriptive text of what the app does must match the text submitted that describes the app)
– A test to activate the App
(activation must support our authentication process)
Link to our documentation:
– A test to see that the workflow supports registering as a new customer.

You need to have dedicated Landing page on your website that contains more information about your app.
See our requirements about the landing page here. Landing Page requirements.

When our partner managers have approved your App and landing page we will publish your application in Fortnox App market.

Keeping your integration private
You can also choose to keep your integration Private and then our customers can only add your integration by searching on your client-id in the Manage Users-page in Fortnox.

If you keep your integration private it will not be visual in Fortnox appmarket, and you do not need to follow our requirements about landing page and demo.
If you should change your mind and want you application to be published in Fortnox appmarket that’s not a problem, just apply for appmarket later then.