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App Market

Produce. Publish. Profit.

App Market is a secure and well-trusted platform that will enable you to reach over 380 000 businesses. Distributing apps at App Market is as easy as one two three!

Come join us!

App Market is a part of Fortnox where logged in users can browse and search for 3rd party applications that they can connect to their Fortnox-account. The user will be able to connect with your app smoothly. Sign up and create your success story at one of Swedens biggest platforms for business.

We got your back!

We have tools for analyzing user commitment. These tools are truly beneficial when you are making strategies regarding marketing and new functionality. To simplify the process with apps we have created guides for each step of the process. As our partner you will get support, clever tools and our help with subscription and payments. We support you all the way!

So how does it work?

It all starts with an idea

Do you have an idea for a software that could make life a lot easier for small businesses? What can you do to make it happen? It’s easy. Sign up to become a developer and connect to our API and the Fortnox platform. It’s free of charge and the potential is great. With the opportunity to reach over 380 000 potential new customers it’s a great way to expand your business.


Start building your software and connect it to our API and help our customers to become more successful! Our API is full of possibilities and well documented, so it should be a hassle free journey. However, if you should get stuck, our support will help sort out any of your problems.


Great. Your software is completed, connected to our platform and ready to launch. But first, we need to review it. We have to be certain that everything is in working order before we let the customers activate or buy it.

We will check your software, look into the integration, check out your landing page, your contact info, pricing and user agreement. You also have to accept our App Market agreement (found here). Don’t worry, we will guide you every step of the way.


Congrats, your app is now part of the Fortnox App Market, a great place to reach new customers!  When we publish your app we will inform our organisation and let our sales teams know about all benefits with your product. If you want to make your own marketing, that’s fine by us. But please, let us review and approve your marketing messaging first.

In App Market there’s a section for recommended apps. Of course, everyone wants to be top priority. However, there are a few criteria that have to be met first. You need a minimum of 10 active customers and your app needs to have a minimum 3-star average rating. It’s not that hard, right? So get 10 customers and make sure they’ll rate it, we will then help you to get more customers!

Getting paid

When your app is available in App Market, we’ll make sure you get paid. The customer will get a 30-days free trial of your app before it’s time for the first payment. Don’t worry, we’ll take care of all subscription issues and the customer will be charged in the same way as for all our other products, on either quarterly or annual payment terms

For every customer payment, you will get 75% of the revenue.  75% is the standard rate but exceptions may apply.

The remaining 25% will cover for:

  • Marketing to over 380 000 customers
  • The backend sales system
  • The subscription backend
  • Our recommendation engine (the algorithm will find and recommend to similar customers as the current ones)
  • Customer insights, who is buying and using
  • Statistics about activation and purchases

How about that? No time to lose. Start building your app today and let’s help small businesses become more successful – together!